Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Conquered Fear: Surfing

I never thought surfing could be so much fun. First I really don't know how to swim and second I really fear those big waves. But all things changed after trying it.

Me, my date (he's really special to me), and two of his roxy girl friends went to La Union last weekend to surf. They all are veterans and I'm just a beginner. At first I thought I would just try it just for the sake that 'hey I tried it'. But after all the rides, the struggles and face-smashing-waves, I told myself "I'm doing this again and again and again".

As beginner, I can say I did good!

It's always nice to learn more things. I've always been active when I was younger and I guess I have to be active again. This time not with Ball Games, but with a surf board and the waves.

Thanks babe for introducing me to your friends and the wonderful world of Surfing.



Jake said...

Kaka-inggit! I like! I like!

kurant.master said...

haha you should try it jake. funnnnnn